UMass Boston Baby Lab

What is your baby thinking? Help us find out!

To schedule an appointment, select an age range and study length that suits you and your child:

Studies at the Baby Lab:

Ages 5–42 months and 4-7 years for 1 hr visit, $20 compensation (to schedule, use the calendar below)
The visit involves watching a short animated video.

• Ages 26– 36 months for 2 hr visit, $50 compensation (to schedule, click here )
The visit involves watching a short animated video, and then an interactive play task with one of our trained lab members.

If your child is not currently in these age ranges, you can leave us your contact information for future studies here

Dr. Vivian Ciaramitaro, Dr. Zsuzsa Kaldy, Dr. Mo Shukla and the Baby Lab team
If you have any questions, please call 617-287-6363, email or visit